FIRE Drill Podcast appearance

Why the post on a Monday, not Tuesday? Surprise, I was on a podcast!

Show notes and all the links to the episode on all of various podcast platforms are here: Financial Independence in a Big City without the Big City Salary | Reaching for FI

I had a lot of fun chatting with Gwen and J about so many of the things that I talk about here, including my non-profit salary, putting a quarter of said salary into my retirement account (y’all were so right, I should’ve been including that in my income all along ?‍♀️), paying half of my paycheck for rent every month, my second job, how I don’t budget, and the only post on this blog that’s actually SEO optimized.

Oh, and that fateful tiny house festival.

I was incredibly nervous to record the episode (for the record, some whiskey helps…), but turns out the most nerve-wracking part was having to go back and listen to myself speak. As someone who did a lot of singing and dancing through her entire childhood, I have a very long-standing rule that I don’t watch or listen to recordings of myself. But you can’t really ignore your own podcast episode. Besides, I was curious to see what parts got left in and which didn’t.

I survived listening to my own dulcet tones voice for half an hour of my drive on the way to go hiking yesterday morning, which obviously means everyone else should listen to it too! It’s not an awful use of your time! ?

Hiking is something else we talked about in the podcast episode

And another announcement

I’m finally getting my blogging act together and starting an actual email list where I can send emails manually. Maybe I’ll actually send things that aren’t just my auto post updates that WordPress sends you! Who knows, this is a brave new world!

I still don’t know how to deactivate the auto blog updates that WordPress sends so I won’t be sending anything out to the MailChimp list until I’m sure I won’t be spamming you with double emails on post days. But. At some point I’ll be switching over to the new system so if you want to continue to receive emails from me, sign up for those either below or in the new (but still looks the same) email list option in my sidebar.

One day maybe I’ll actually know what I’m doing as a blogger ?‍♀️

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    1. Thanks! Hah that’s good to know. Now to figure out how to turn off the emails that send automatically…

    1. Thank you! And haha yeah hopefully someday soon you’ll have to listen to more than just 90 seconds of your own voice 😉

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