20 for 2020: Q1 update

This post is ridiculously late. I’m gonna be real: I haven’t been able to bring myself to look at the goals a baby, naive version of myself made way back at the beginning of the year, back before all this shit happened

That’s not to say that the pandemic is the only thing that’s thrown me for a loop this year! Some other (good!) things have happened, too: I sure as hell didn’t think I’d be spending most of this year planning/paying for a wedding! But it’s striking how different the world was a few months ago—some of these goals just straight-up aren’t possible in the world we now live in.

In theory I’d be writing this post in April and wouldn’t know as much about the pandemic as I know now, buuuuut obviously that’s not the case. “Hindsight is 20/20” is the most fucking darkly ironic phrase for this hellscape of a year. Anyway, let’s get into it. (-sob-) Continue reading “20 for 2020: Q1 update”

March 2020: quarantine month 1

March lasted one thousand years, plus I’m very late on writing this so now I hardly remember what happened. It’s amazing how time becomes very fluid and subjective when you’re at home all day every day.

It was a month of contrasts: for the first half of the month, we were going everywhere and doing everything. And then for the second half, we were going (almost) nowhere and doing nothing. Continue reading “March 2020: quarantine month 1”

Love Life in the time of cholera COVID

Well, um hi, everyone. When last I left off, everything had happened. Now everything has also happened, but differently.

I’ve been struggling with writing a post for weeks because what am I even supposed to write about in this wild world we live in? I have a few posts on the back burner, but honestly finally writing about my non-budget approach to spending money seems ridiculously inappropriate right now when people are losing jobs right and left or losing their lives. Every Monday night I’ve tried to sit down and write something to post on Tuesday and decided to push off posting until Thursday. And then that doesn’t happen either because I’m still at a loss for what to say.

We all know time doesn’t exist right now, so weeks have passed by without me posting. So, for lack of anything better to write, here’s a check in on how life looks at the moment. Continue readingLove Life in the time of cholera COVID”