August 2019: the moving continues

It’s funny to be writing about moving—which, yes, absolutely destroyed my posting schedule for more than a month—soooooo long after the fact. I can’t blame my lack of posting on moving anymore. And honestly, thank goodness, since it was a long, painful process I’m extremely happy to be (mostly) done with. (There’s still some boxes of my junk I need to go through, but they are safely stashed away in a closet so that I can ignore them until the weather gets shitty enough and I’m so desperate to avoid freezing my ass off outside that going through them starts to seem like a good alternative.)

I can, however, blame a lot of my bad bloggerness on being sick for a week and a half with an awful cold, and, most recently, getting an IUD early last week (have I yelled about birth control enough? I will continue yelling about birth control. Especially because the hell I’ve gone through to get/heal from this IUD is yet another form of the pink tax, just one I’m paying in pain rather than money. Although I’ve needed to buy another bottle of painkillers since last week. And the stress baking and chocolate-consumption also costs money). Turns out that kind of pain makes concentrating on anything pretty impossible, even if you’re “only” laying on the couch clutching your heating pad for dear life and in theory have plenty of time for writing.

Which was more painful, moving or getting an IUD? I honestly don’t know 🙃🙃

So, before we get to the point where I no longer remember what happened in a given month, I present to you August’s spending report. Continue reading “August 2019: the moving continues”

I’m moving!

As I hinted in my last post, it’s been a season of existential crisis. I wrote about it two years ago—the summer is always a fun couple of months where I endlessly agonize over what I’m doing with my life and/or at the very least what I’m doing still paying as much rent as I do instead of moving somewhere slightly cheaper. And I chose not to move last year, either.

Well, I’ve got news for you: I’m moving! Continue reading “I’m moving!”

What’s Up Next? Podcast appearance

Since I’ve completely neglected to post all week, why not a random Friday afternoon post??

There’s a new podcast in town called What’s Up Next? that aims to take the FI conversation to new places. I was lucky enough to be asked by the hosts—DocG and Paul Thompson—to be one of the guests on an episode answering the question “do you have to have a high income to reach financial independence?” Continue reading “What’s Up Next? Podcast appearance”

Breaking my clothes shopping ban two months early

I own a lot of clothes. For years I was a serial clothes-buyer, accumulating a piece or five here and there at a low-level but steady rate whenever the urge struck to get a flowy summer dress or an oversized comfy sweater (y’all, I’m fighting that urge HARD right now, now that it’s finally fall in DC) or a cute new scarf. And then, last November, I got sick of paying off those transactions on my credit card and I just…stopped. (Stopped buying clothes, that is, not stopped paying off my credit card!)

I didn’t even realize until earlier this year that I’d been on an unofficial clothes buying ban, at which point I decided to make it official for the remaining six months (or beyond) of the year.[*]

But I broke my ban and bought clothes in September, two months shy of a full year. I was so close to making it a year! Here’s why. Continue reading “Breaking my clothes shopping ban two months early”