Celebrating two years of blogging

I am dropping in on a Friday with an unscheduled and short post to say two years ago today I published my first post here—Reaching for FI is now two years old!

Like last year, I’m going with another photo from Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms (never forget I’m an #artnerd)

This is going to be a quick one; I haven’t even unpacked from my Europe trip (post and pics and 2019 bucket list items update forthcoming!!) yet because I’ve been sick. Writing a post this week certainly wasn’t on my radar. Honestly I’m just impressed with myself that I remembered this morning that today is a big day for the blog ?

What’s happened in the last year? A lot. I went to FinCon and a bunch of other FI events. I ate copious amounts of AYCE sushi with money nerds, both here and in NC. I went hiking a lot and did some traveling. I did my first travel hacking. I’m still financially single but not single single. I got married I’m still not ruling out marrying Mil$ for those sweet military spouse benefits. I now live with someone from this community! The people I’ve met from blogging continue to be some of my best friends (so much for what our parents used to teach us about meeting strangers from the internet!).

Oh, and I got the best troll comment ever which taught me that I don’t do savings properly ?

Also, as evidenced by my lack of usual posting lately, I still continue to be the world’s most bestest, pro blogger ever. At least I have an archives page now, though!

I do have one announcement for my second birthday. I’m sure this doesn’t at all come as a surprise, but for the immediate future I’ll be dropping down to one post a week, not two. Not that I’ve posted at all regularly with one post a week recently, let alone the two I used to do, but the internal pressure to keep up my old posting schedule is still there. It’s quite possible some changes in my life in the next few months might give me more time to post more often, in which case I will! But for now I’m sticking to one.

Thanks for following along, friends. I’m hoping dropping down to one scheduled post (plus a reduction in some of my non-blogging responsibilities soon) means I’m here more frequently than I have been lately.

8 Replies to “Celebrating two years of blogging”

  1. Happy blog birthday, Reachingforfi! I’m so thrilled to have met you and I continue to be amazed by your progress. I can’t wait to see you and so many of our friends in September!

  2. Happy blog-aversary! And congrats on dropping down to one post a week. I totally get what the pressure you out on yourself feels like to stick to an blogging schedule that you created when your life looked very different. I’m all for it if it helps create some mental space for you!

    1. Thanks, Britt! It’s amazing how we hold ourselves to things that were true or worked in the past even though they’re not working anymore. It’s so hard to change that though! At least now I can stop feeling guilty when I only post once a week since it’s been this way for a while now.

    1. What’s with you calling me old on my blogiversaries?? ? Here’s hoping I start posting a lot more often in a few months!

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