We’re buying a house and we’re leaving DC

Honestly, I was going to write a long-ass thread about moving, how goddamn expensive DC is, and about grief, buuuuuuuut messing with the character limits was too much work. So I wrote this Twitter thread-style post instead.

I’m about to scoop myself; I am deeply aware that I have yet to even do APRIL’S spending report, let alone May or June’s, plus a Q2 update, plus anything about wedding planning, plus the update on the “will-we-won’t-we” saga of moving. Long story short: as of last week we’re buying a house and moving out of DC at the end of August. Surprise! Continue reading “We’re buying a house and we’re leaving DC”

March 2020: quarantine month 1

March lasted one thousand years, plus I’m very late on writing this so now I hardly remember what happened. It’s amazing how time becomes very fluid and subjective when you’re at home all day every day.

It was a month of contrasts: for the first half of the month, we were going everywhere and doing everything. And then for the second half, we were going (almost) nowhere and doing nothing. Continue reading “March 2020: quarantine month 1”

I’m moving!

As I hinted in my last post, it’s been a season of existential crisis. I wrote about it two years ago—the summer is always a fun couple of months where I endlessly agonize over what I’m doing with my life and/or at the very least what I’m doing still paying as much rent as I do instead of moving somewhere slightly cheaper. And I chose not to move last year, either.

Well, I’ve got news for you: I’m moving! Continue reading “I’m moving!”

Everything I spent in 2018

The fact that it took me multiple tries of adding up numbers to get ones that were reasonably the same means I a) am not as much of a recovering perfectionist as I thought and b) probably need to slightly rethink my system of tracking numbers. I think a lot of it is inconsistency in categorization, which is frustrating but ultimately doesn’t affect the total (so I could’ve spent a way healthier ratio of time spent writing this post compared to spreadsheeting for this post ?‍♀️).

But, I am finally done spreadsheeting. And in total, I spent $28,629.03 in 2018. Continue reading “Everything I spent in 2018”