August 2019: the moving continues

It’s funny to be writing about moving—which, yes, absolutely destroyed my posting schedule for more than a month—soooooo long after the fact. I can’t blame my lack of posting on moving anymore. And honestly, thank goodness, since it was a long, painful process I’m extremely happy to be (mostly) done with. (There’s still some boxes of my junk I need to go through, but they are safely stashed away in a closet so that I can ignore them until the weather gets shitty enough and I’m so desperate to avoid freezing my ass off outside that going through them starts to seem like a good alternative.)

I can, however, blame a lot of my bad bloggerness on being sick for a week and a half with an awful cold, and, most recently, getting an IUD early last week (have I yelled about birth control enough? I will continue yelling about birth control. Especially because the hell I’ve gone through to get/heal from this IUD is yet another form of the pink tax, just one I’m paying in pain rather than money. Although I’ve needed to buy another bottle of painkillers since last week. And the stress baking and chocolate-consumption also costs money). Turns out that kind of pain makes concentrating on anything pretty impossible, even if you’re “only” laying on the couch clutching your heating pad for dear life and in theory have plenty of time for writing.

Which was more painful, moving or getting an IUD? I honestly don’t know 🙃🙃

So, before we get to the point where I no longer remember what happened in a given month, I present to you August’s spending report. Continue reading “August 2019: the moving continues”

June 2019: lots of hiking and a flat tire

One day I’ll learn to actually finish drafting posts before I go on vacation because it’s just not gonna happen while I’m gone, even if they’re 90% done. And then it’s super not gonna happen while I’m moving soooooo… hi, hello! It’s been a while! One day I will live in a fully-functional, unpacked apartment! But until then, here’s June’s spending. Continue reading “June 2019: lots of hiking and a flat tire”

I’m moving!

As I hinted in my last post, it’s been a season of existential crisis. I wrote about it two years ago—the summer is always a fun couple of months where I endlessly agonize over what I’m doing with my life and/or at the very least what I’m doing still paying as much rent as I do instead of moving somewhere slightly cheaper. And I chose not to move last year, either.

Well, I’ve got news for you: I’m moving! Continue reading “I’m moving!”

May 2019: I went shopping. And that’s okay

May was…a month that happened. It was a largely stressful month—every year about this time I have a fun existential crisis about what am I doing with my life, am I moving or staying here, am I moving out of DC entirely, am I falling prey to one more year syndrome? (Spoiler alert: I’ve been in my apartment five years and at my job for three. There’s been a lot of one more year syndrome buuuuuuuut that also doesn’t mean I don’t freak out for a few months every year anyway before ultimately deciding to stay put.) Nothing like a little annual existential crisis to spice up your life! Continue reading “May 2019: I went shopping. And that’s okay”

Amsterdam, Paris, and Brussels, oh my!

Honestly with how busy I’ve been and how infrequently I’ve been posting lately, it kinda seems like it’s just now very on-brand for me to write posts long after I decided I was going to. So why not a Europe trip recap that’s a month late? It’s an excuse to post a bunch of pictures anyway.

So, long story short: my brother lives in Amsterdam. Last December, in continuing with my tendency these last few years to go places where I know people and can crash with them, I bought plane tickets to visit him. I was thinking it would be a solo trip, but after some deliberation about whether the whole family would go (the answer was no: my parents just had to replace their roof), we decided my dad would join me. He’s missed out on other family vacations since he can’t take off of work nearly as easily as my mom can, so it was his turn to get to go on a trip.

Plus plane tickets were $330 from here so how could we not? Dad came up to DC on a bus and we headed to the airport. Continue reading “Amsterdam, Paris, and Brussels, oh my!”