How the library is helping me reach financial independence (guest post on Millennial Money Man)

Surprise, everyone! It’s Wednesday, not Thursday, so why are you hearing from me today instead of tomorrow?

It’s because I’ve got exciting news: I’ve got a guest post over on Millennial Money Man today!

Just in case the title didn’t give the topic away, here’s how the post starts: “I’m a huge nerd and a voracious reader. I always have been, always will be.” Surprise again, I wrote a post about libraries!

Y’all have heard me talk about the library many, many times before. I’m a broken record about it, but get used to it because that won’t change! It’s probably unsurprising that I’m talking about it yet again for my first guest post (although in my defense, Bobby’s the one that chose that particular topic of the three I pitched him, and they were not all three about the library!).

Talking about this again?? Yes, yes I am!

Millennial Money Man post

You’ve already seen the list of books I read in 2017 and know that borrowing them from the library saved me $569.09 over buying them. That’s for sure one way the library is helping me on my way to financial independence.

But today my ode to the library is about more than just books. Did you know that it’s thanks to the library that I stayed in DC instead of moving back to NC at the end of 2014? Did you know the library helped get me my first W-2 job after I graduated college?

Head over to the post to read that story, plus of course more reasons why libraries are awesome: How the library is helping me reach financial independence.

While you’re there, check out the rest of Millennial Money Man—there’s a lot of great stuff there, including information about side hustles and crushing student loan debt. Thanks again to Bobby for the opportunity to write this guest post!

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