It’s time to Rumble!

I was born and raised in North Carolina. Perhaps you’ve heard of a thing called March Madness before? Well in NC it’s more than A Thing—it’s a religion. So I am well-acquainted with bracket competitions.[*]

This is not a post about March Madness, but instead about a different bracket competition: the Rockstar Rumble.

As you may know, Rockstar Finance is a massive community for all things personal finance. Back in December they announced they’d be doing a March Madness-reminiscent bracket game to pick the best personal finance article of 2017.  Every blogger was allowed to submit one article for the competition, and a total of 128 were chosen to compete in the first round.

The article I chose was one of my favorites: Five things I don’t regret spending money on. I wrote the post because while we PF bloggers throw out a lot of advice on how to save money, there are always going to be things we have to spend money on in life. I’m grateful to be in a position where I can spend that money without worrying doing so. To my delight, the post was chosen to be one of the 128 competitors.

It’s the last day of the first round of the Rumble, and my post is up today! For 48 hours you can read it and the one it’s up against and vote for your favorite. I’d love it if everyone could head over and vote.

Vote here (I’m “Regret” in game 63).

While you’re at it, one of my friends, Military Dollar, is also up today. You can read her post here as well (she’s “Triple” in game 64), plus the other articles Rumbling today in the last part of the first round.

Update, evening of 2/12: since both MD and I are up for competition at the same time (shhhh, we’re not thinking about the fact that we’ll face off in round 2 if we both win our games), she made this thing of beauty and I just have to post it here.

I’m just saying, you should go vote!

[*]I would also like to go on the record to state that a friend and I have done a bracket challenge with each other for the past three years and I’ve beat him in all three. I don’t even care if he wins this year because three years in a row means I’ve got eternal bragging rights. Also the first year we did that was the first year I ever participated in a work bracket pool and I won and went home $110 richer. So yes, I’ve seen a bracket or two in my life, and I tend to get competitive about them! ?

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