Digit review: effortless savings with an unfortunate new change

Back all of two weeks ago when I decided to start this blog, I had the idea that I’d do a series about the fun money-saving apps I use to both save up for specific things and to boost my savings effortlessly. After all, I’m a millennial with a smartphone so it’s only natural I use these things, right? (I would say that’s a hilarious joke because I didn’t even get a smartphone until a month after I graduated college so I’m still relatively new to this scene, but it turns out joke’s on me because I’m just as addicted as I assume all the cool kids are who got theirs back in high school and college. That’s one of the reasons my personal Facebook account has been deactivated for something like 5 months now, but I digress).

Well, I’m putting the horse before the cart here because this post is about why I’m going to stop using one of said magical money-saving apps. Continue reading “Digit review: effortless savings with an unfortunate new change”

My not-so-comfortable life?

So about that Washington Post article today that says you need $80,273 to live “comfortably” in DC…
1) Is that pre- or post-tax? These things matter.
2) Is this per household or average per person?
3) I guess things are looking up because last year the number was $108,092.
4) I started laughing and then I think I kept laughing to keep from crying. And then I shared the article with a coworker and we were both laughing to keep from crying.

Here’s the deal: at least as a single person, I find this ludicrous, even pre-tax. Continue reading “My not-so-comfortable life?”

DC property tax credit: Schedule H

Since it’s tax season, I figured I’d write about a DC tax credit that doesn’t seem to be all that well-known or publicized. I’d certainly never heard about it until TaxAct helpfully prompted me to fill out the information for it and boy am I glad it did!

Obligatory disclaimer: I am not a tax expert and am not licensed to be giving anyone tax advice. Talk to a professional before doing your taxes. Continue reading “DC property tax credit: Schedule H”


I am just going to jump right in because if I don’t, I’ll get overwhelmed about how to lead off and I’ll never get started. So without making this sound too much like a dating profile, my name is Erin, and I’m a mid-twenty-something living and working in Washington, DC. Last summer I started feeling like I was dangerously on the verge of living paycheck to paycheck (because friends leaving town for bigger and better things like grad school means they start crossing bars and restaurants and activities off their DC bucket lists and that is not cheap!) and emphatically did not want to continue down that path, so I began looking around for information about budgets. Continue reading “Intro”