A Maximalist’s Guide to Minimalist Packing (guest post at Tiny Ambitions)

Remember that time I bought a 38 liter carry-on backpack right before my trip to the Azores? In the year since that purchase I’ve been experimenting with carry-on packing. And that’s been an interesting experience, especially given that I am very much not a minimalist (if you need a reminder of that, let me direct you to that photo of my desk!).

Thanksgiving last year was one of my experiments in minimalist packing

It’s still very much an experiment in progress, but what I’ve found is that carry-on packing is not about the stuff. Well, it is about the stuff, but it’s much more about a mindset. And about packing cubes! (That link is an Amazon affiliate link to the set I bought last year because they’re seriously life-changing.)

I’ve been meaning to write a post about it for ages, but when Britt from Tiny Ambitions put out a call for guest posts while she was on vacation, I jumped at the opportunity. I LOVE her blog and her focus on simple living—I’m trying to incorporate much of that into my own life—and I knew this was the post I wanted to write for her (and thanks again, Britt, for letting me!).

Head on over there to read it!


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  1. Just curious, what kind of backpack do you use? I’ve always been a rollerboard gal, but I’ve been looking into getting a travel backpack for trips where I’m not going straight from airport to hotel and back.

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