19 for 2019: Q2 update

In lieu of making New Year’s resolutions, this year I decided to set 19 goals for the year of 2019. And it’s July August, which means it’s time past time to check in to see how I did during Q2.

(Remember what I said about being realistic about how I won’t work on posts during vacation even if they’re 90% drafted? Yeah, this has been sitting here mostly-written for a while.)

The goals:


1. Max out Roth IRA contributions for 2019

Status: indeterminate/needs work.

From the last quarterly goals post:

I haven’t contributed to my Roth IRA in a while because there’s something happening in my life (that might result in big news soon!) that’s making me want to keep more cash on hand. Especially because my cash flow is already lower than I’d ideally want it to be. Damn you, high retirement contribution rate!

So that news was that I’m moving! I was thinking it would potentially be that my partner and I were buying a place but yeah no, not in this market. Moving is expensive—I’m currently floating two security deposits—so I’ve wanted to have cash on hand. I’ll start actually contributing again once everything settles down.

2. Change my title and get a raise

Status: completed in Q1.

3. Find another source of income

lol nope

Status: needs work.

4. Do two no-spend months

Yikes, no.

Status: needs work.

5. Reach a 48% savings rate for the year

I managed 56% for January, 47% for February, and 57% for March. This quarter has been off (spring/summer is always more expensive for me anyway, especially given car and renters’ insurance renewal times): 44% in April, 38% in May (?), and 47% in June.

Yes, with my 4% raise in April¬† and now my 2.5% COL increase that kicked in the beginning of July, I should probably revise this upward. Buuuut considering I’m just barely at 48% for the year so far, maybe I’ll keep this goal there for a bit longer.

Status: on track.


6. See tulips in Amsterdam

Status: not completed, not for lack of trying in Q1.

7. Visit Sainte-Chapelle

Status: completed in Q1.

8. Do something/go somewhere new once a month

Me, last quarter:

April definitely included something new, but again here I’m going to be vague about things happening in the background; y’all will find out about it later.

Spoiler (you’re not going to see this coming!): I was talking about moving. In April my partner and I started looking into real estate for the first time. And we submitted an offer.

In May we submitted another offer, and this one was deliberate, not just hey-the-condo-above-me-is-for-sale-wanna-check-it-out-for-shits-and-giggles. I also went to a wedding with a plus-one for the first time (okay, a plus-one who wasn’t my mother because I definitely did that for a high school friend’s wedding a few years ago!).

In June I crossed off #10 and #11 on this list so that definitely counts.

Status: on track.

9. Visit a new state

Nowhere new so far.

Status: needs work.

10. Visit a new national park

I’m counting Manassas National Battlefield as one. My partner and I just went a few weeks ago. We’ll also check out more of the battlefields in the area now that we know we’ll be in DC for another year.

Status: completed Q2.

11. Go camping

My partner and I went camping in June! Remember that new sleeping bag and sleeping mat I bought in May? Yeah.

Status: completed Q2.

Personal growth

I have a prediction: without even looking at which goals I set here specifically, I’m gonna guess they’re not going well so far. Guess I’m too great of a person already to need to grow!

12. More single-tasking

Guess what, I’ve been trash at this. I am starting to use my focus apps again, so it’s been going a bit better lately.

Status: needs work. Lots of work.

13. Go to barre three times per week

Status: still needs work. Moving farther away from barre has now made this an interesting challenge!

14. Get back on learning languages

I did not pick this back up in Q2. Adding it to the list of goals for Q3.

Status: needs work.

15. Declutter my shit

Some movement here but not a ton. My plan was to have a decluttering bonanza right before moving buuuuuut that didn’t pan out (turns out going on vacation for two weeks and coming back with five days to pack before moving doesn’t lend itself well to making those hard decisions before you panic and throw things in boxes). So now I’m decluttering as I unpack/knowingly putting things in specific places with the intent to revisit them in a few months.

Status: working on it…

16. Average a book a week

I’m at 29 and counting, so I’m falling a bit behind, but moving will do that to you.

Status: on track.

17. Go through A Simple Year

Haha nope.

Status: needs work.

18. Add some more recipes to my usual rotation

This’ll happen once the partner and I move in together and figure out what/how we’re feeding ourselves we finally get unpacked and can start to figure out our routine. SOME DAY.

Status: needs work.

19. Try something totally new/out of the ordinary for me

I think I have an idea of something, but it hasn’t quite happened yet.

Status: needs work.

The verdict

So that’s not fantastic.¬† But the good news is that we’re already halfway through Q3 (wait, what?) and I can say there’s been some movement on some of these—even the personal growth ones that have been lacking thus far this year!

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